Tips for CISO’s to strengthen your Cyber Security Culture

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic organizations around the globe have been reacting to the turmoil created by the uncertainty of the ongoing crisis.  Senior leaders are adjusting operating models faster than ever before to ensure survival. For many CISO’s they have been working diligently to advance their digital business strategy and accelerate opportunities to leverage technology.  The large scale adoption of work from home technologies and the exponentially increased use of remote services has supported company operations and stabilized revenue.  However, these advancements are placing immense pressure on cybersecurity operations.

The question now becomes how CISO’s continue that digital momentum while balancing the shift of being monitors and enforcers to managing information risks more strategically, working toward a culture of shared cyber-risk ownership across their organization.

Now more than ever the cybersecurity mindset must shift from seeing employees as your company’s weakest link to your strongest line of defense against attacks. Design of an efficient cybersecurity program that brings employees on board. This is possible by using an integrated and full-team approach to fighting cybercrime. By training, creating awareness, and establishing a supportive culture, your employees can protect your company’s online assets better.


Define Responsibilities 

Bring your employees onboard in matters of cybersecurity, you must eliminate uncertainty by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and goals for employees in the event of a cyberattack. Appoint departments that will promote security outside the cybersecurity team. Make it clear that if an incident happens, the security team will find solutions and offer the necessary support.


Encourage Ownership

Cybersecurity should be a shared responsibility across the entire organization. Your employees must be clear about the significance of cybersecurity to your company’s reputation and bottom line.  Furthermore, they must feel motivated to act as the first line of defense against cyber threats

  • Ensure you share the bigger vision through transparent communication to build trust and clarity
  • Foster collaboration by involving them in the conversation. Be open to suggestions and feedback.
  • Make it easy for them to do the right thing
  • Executives must lead by example


Don’t Use Scare Tactics 

Instilling fear in employees to make them comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations is not effective. Communicating only the bad things that will happen when they don’t follow the best practices for cybersecurity will only create anxiety. This will create a fear to report incidents and inhibit them to think clearly.

Instead of instilling fear, ensure you provide the necessary support to your employees. Nurturing a culture of trust and open communication where employees feel valued and supported is better than trying to instill fear.


Invest in Training 

It’s crucial that you also explain all cybersecurity guides and policies. Mandate the responsibility to routinely educate employees on attacks. A consistent onboarding program is also crucial to have for all new hires. Ensure your team is well conversant with:

  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Privacy
  • Password management
  • The procedures for sending or receiving sensitive information
  • Policies and best practices


Brockton Point Solutions is here to support with comprehensive training and can provide the necessary resources to empower your employees to empower them to make informed cybersecurity decisions.


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