Selecting a Trusted Information Security Partner

Nothing is certain in today’s security landscape and the threats businesses face are evolving daily. Due to the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, many organizations have started to realize the advantage of outsourcing their information security to expert partners.

Outsourcing is a very common practice today and hiring and retaining talent is growing more and more expensive. This is primarily due to the skill shortage in the cyber security sector, along with the growing demand to keep up on the ever-changing threats landscape.  According to the 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce, the Information Security industry is currently in need of about 3 million qualified cybersecurity workers.

Choosing the right partner is a common struggle for businesses today. So, when it’s time to evaluate and select a cybersecurity partner, you need to know as much as you can about the company.


When you bring a new Information Security partner into your organization, the impact needs to be minimal to your customers. Ideally your customers should not experience any negative impacts from onboarding a new partner. Price adjustments are a part of normal business relationships; however, you need to ensure the cost is not significant enough that your customers are forced to spend more than they anticipated. If you need to increase your costs to your customers to offset the additional cost of the security partner, this may impact your customer relationships. That’s a sure-fire way to create customer dissatisfaction and ultimately lose customers.


When selecting a new partner, it’s not just about the price point. You need to factor in the partners values and standards and whether they live up to those values or are they just words on paper. In todays connected world, your customers measure their satisfaction with you in minutes not hours. When outages occur, your new partner needs to be responsive and address any issues in a timely fashion.

It’s always a good idea to speak with other companies who have worked with the potential partner and benefit from their experiences. If the partner has a track record of missing deadlines or falling short on deliverables, that’s something you want to know about before signing a contract. Any partner worth their salt will not hesitate to provide appropriate customer references. After all, it’s your brand reputation on the line and you need to ensure a potential partner can meet your needs and expectations.

Security touches every part of your business and it’s crucial that any potential new security partners understand your business and be committed to working with your existing partners. Your customers have specific demands so when selecting a partner, you need to ensure they can meet all of those demands. You know what your customers value and need so any partner you work into your solutions stack must be willing and able to deliver on those needs.


The cyber threat landscape is changing daily. How well your potential partner stays abreast of new threats and their potential business impact on your operations, data and people is a key consideration. It’s important that they are knowledgeable not just on past and present cyber threats, but also be aware of potential future attack trends.

A partner with a strong network in the security industry will have access to the latest threat intelligence and be able to demonstrate appropriate best practices for a variety of industries.  By ignoring the latest developments in cyber security, your partner is missing out on important updates that could negatively impact your business. A partner that is current is an asset, a partner that is not is a liability that you cannot afford to introduce into your business.


Developing a Cyber Security strategy is a complex and time-consuming process. Whether you use NIST, COBIT, ISO or some other standard, it’s important that your partner can adhere to that standard. If a potential partner speaks the same language as your internal security team when it comes to strategic development, your strategy stands a much better chance at delivering your desired outcome.


When searching for an Information Security partner, remember you’re looking for a business partner not just and IT expert. A partner will assist you in implementing a complete cyber security strategy. It’s important to closely examine them to ensure they are not only the right fit for your business but also the right fit for your clients. Taking the time to speak with them and do your research will ensure that you’re making the right decision for both you and your customers.


How Brockton Point Solutions Can Help

Brockton Point Solutions can be your trusted partner to build or improve on your cyber security maturity. We will help build metrics to effectively measure your security program. Whether your organization is establishing a cyber security program or wish to improve your existing program, we are here to help.  With our risk assessment, governance, and compliance services, we can assess your current program, identify what works and what does not work, and build a more mature program with you.  Members of the Brockton Point team have over 15 years’ experience in Cyber Security. We are excited to help organizations further mature their security program. Reducing your cyber-risk to a manageable level is important when running a business. Having an effective way to measure your program helps reduce that risk.


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