Reduce excuses, strengthen your company’s Cybersecurity posture

Cybersecurity professionals are far too familiar with the classic response “It won’t happen to us.”  This is a common excuse  among business owners that are hesitant to invest in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, many small and medium sized businesses are falling victim to cyber criminals. It is imperative that all organizations regardless of size take the necessary precautions to protect their customers and brand.

It is not just the most profitable businesses with large-scale security budgets who should be investing in adequate infrastructure or using 3rd party services. Security should be a top business priority in every industry and a lack of funding is no excuse. In fact, cutting funds from security can lead to a much more expensive breach later on. Here are five common and frustrating excuses from businesses when justifying their insufficient cybersecurity posture.

  1. “My technology is enough.”

Unless you have a best-in-class IT team at your fingertips, even simple actions can expose you to a great deal of risk. Businesses who rely too much on a single piece of technology to keep them protected play a dangerous game. Your antivirus alone is not going to get the job done. The combination of up-to-date technology, professional cybersecurity services and employee best practices/training is the best remedy to your cybersecurity position.

  1. “I don’t have the budget for Cybersecurity services.”

Many businesses are understandably very budget-conscious and may presume that they do not have enough wiggle room to add robust cybersecurity services to their plate. There are upfront and long-term costs associated with cybersecurity no matter what. Failing to protect your networks drastically elevates your risk that you will suffer financial damage when you fall victim to a cyberattack. Cybersecurity services are like insurance : you pay a fee to protect yourself from larger losses and potential financial collapse.

  1. “My data isn’t important.”

It is all too easy to assume that you are doing fine right now, because everything will continue to function into the future the way that it has always happened before.

  1. “We trust our employees”

Everyone wants to trust their teams; however, employees are the leading factor in cybersecurity threats. We know people make mistakes and make them often. Regular and thorough cybersecurity awareness training is an effective way to minimize threats and protect your employees.

  1. “I don’t know enough about it.”

The lack of knowledge about what it takes to protect your environment is sadly an all-too-common excuse. Fortunately, you do not need to be an expert—just like you do not need to know the specifics about how every one of your employees does their job. You can act by hiring a trusted partner like Brockton Point Solutions who has the skilled experience you need.

Lastly the worst thing your organization can do is nothing. It is important to remember that you cannot focus on a single piece of defense; you need a comprehensive cybersecurity program that enables you to identify, prevent, detect, respond, and recover from threats. Contact Brockton Point Solutions for information, we are here to help protect your business.

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