Eliminate the Stress of Compliance

Compliance as-a-Service is a value-added service provided by a third-party consultant that helps your business meet its regulatory compliance requirements. Through a service level agreement, businesses can unburden the never-ending list of regulations. For many, the idea of hiring an outsourced compliance consultant or paying for outsourced compliance services does not always seem achievable.

Unfortunately, compliance is often viewed as an extra expense, which is the opposite of how it should be treated. In the increasingly regulated environment across all industries compliance needs to be placed on a level equal to other operational aspects of running a business. Fortunately, there are some compelling reasons why even the smallest businesses would benefit financially from hiring a compliance consultant. At the center is a simple truth: hiring outside consultants is always going to save money, both in the short term and in the long term.

The goal of a third-party security compliance service is to minimize risk for a business. By outsourcing security compliance mandates this will cut down on a businesses compliance overload by delegating compliance management tasks to a third-party that has the resources required to meet regulatory requirements in a more cost-effective manner. As some businesses may lack the resources and expertise to train staff to manage compliance requirements, outsourcing these tasks can be an ideal solution. Instead of using beneficial internal resources on managing compliance you will be able to focus your energy on where they belong – delivering for your clients.

Here are 4 reasons to consider using a 3rd party for your compliance needs.


  1. Experts in addressing Compliance Issues

Experience matters. When businesses come across a compliance issue, the lack of resources can harm the reputation and ultimately the bottom line. Even when everyone is doing their best, a small mistake can mean large-scale problems if it results in an enforcement action. Small businesses, especially, can ill afford to make a single mistake, as they have little latitude to absorb penalties or the resulting loss of business that invariably accompanies regulatory action.

  1. Experience with Regulators

The familiarity with regulators benefits a business in a few ways. First, the simplicity of being able to breathe easy under regulatory scrutiny, knowing that a meticulous, experienced, knowledgeable professionals are representing your business interests. Secondly, by saving a business from having to navigate a demanding situation under the added pressure of having to deal with someone you do not know and who is not always on your side.


  1. Expensive Alternatives

For many small and medium sized businesses, it is unnecessary to hire a full-time CCO (Chief Compliance Officer). Most businesses just do not need compliance help on a full-time scale. However, when a compliance issue presents itself, bringing on a full-time CCO does not really make sense in a lot of cases. Even if a business hires outside compliance once a year, that still falls far below the yearly costs of an in-house team.


  1. Keeping up to date

Without an established internal resolute team, it is impossible for business owners to stay apprised of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. By outsourcing your compliance needs it is comforting to note that the information and action being taken within your business is meeting the most up to date regulatory requirements and frameworks.

Selecting a Trusted Information Security Partner

Brockton Point Solutions has all the necessary information to help you learn more about compliance as-a-service. If you have any specific questions or concerns, contact us today. Contact@brocktonpointsolutions.com

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