Month: August 2021

How To Effectively Measure Your Cyber Security Program

In order to reduce your business cyber risk you have to measure the effectiveness of your cyber security program to ensure you are allocating resources to initiatives that bring the largest return on investment.   An effective program helps with successfully achieving budget approval because the cost can be justified as it is based on data driven decisions. Cyber-attacks continue to increase against organizations of all sizes.

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Tips for CISO’s to strengthen your Cyber Security Culture

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic organizations around the globe have been reacting to the turmoil created by the uncertainty of the ongoing crisis.  Senior leaders are adjusting operating models faster than ever before to ensure survival. For many CISO’s they have been working diligently to advance their digital business strategy and accelerate opportunities to leverage technology.  The large scale adoption of work from home technologies and the exponentially increased use of remote services has supported company operations and stabilized revenue.  However, these advancements are placing immense pressure on cybersecurity operations.

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